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Transform Your Office Break Rooms in Chicago

How to Transform a Chicago Office Break Room

In Chicago, an office break room is a trendy component for many busy workplaces.  Even the hardest working employees need to take an occasional break throughout the day to improve their efficiency and productivity, a well-designed break room gives them a comfortable space to take a few minutes to relax.

Not all break rooms in Chicago are created equal and adding a few crucial elements can take a bland depressing break room into the most popular space in the building.  Ultimately, the purpose of the office break room is to provide employees with a comfortable space where they can grab a quick snack or cup of coffee, mingle with their colleagues, and briefly remove themselves from any work-related stress.

Any good office break room in Chicago will have a cozy aesthetic with comfortable seating, but the great Chicago office break rooms separate themselves by what they offer their employees in those spaces.  The best addition to an office break room in Chicago is the availability of a wide selection of snacks and beverages for staff to enjoy.

Ask anybody in the Chicago workforce what the number one reason they visit their break room is, and the answer is surely to grab a cup of coffee.  Coffee is what fuels employees throughout the day and gives them an extra boost of energy to help focus and stay productive.  Many office break rooms in Chicago offer pots of coffee, but the great Chicago office break rooms have premium coffee equipment for their employees that allows them to enjoy specialty coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

In addition to coffee, office break rooms in Chicago typically offer various snacks and cold beverage options.  Historically office break rooms have housed vending machines that employees can use throughout the day to grab a quick bite to eat or a cold soft drink.  Today, vending machines still populate office break rooms, however the machines have advanced quite a bit.  Modern vending machines now offer a wider variety of products to choose from and have a variety of payment options including cashless.

The most modern office break rooms in Chicago have scrapped vending machines all together and instead utilize a micro-market approach for snacks and beverages.  Instead of utilizing vending machines to dispense product, micro-markets use a variety of coolers and shelving units to create a mini convenience store that employees can purchase from utilizing an unattended kiosk for payment.  By not being constrained by the space of a vending machine, micro-markets allow office break rooms to offer a better selection of fresher food and beverage options.

Employees are the lifeblood of any business in Chicago, having an innovative office break room for employees has been proven to boost productivity and morale.  By going the extra mile and offering employees an excellent coffee option and a variety of snacks and beverages, great Chicago office break rooms become the space that employees look forward to visiting throughout their workday.